Who made UploadColumn

That would be me, Jonas Nicklas. If you would like to send me feedback, please use the official mailing list.

Why did you make UploadColumn?

Sebasthian Kanthak, the author of file_column, wrote on file_column's site how a library should be judged by how it is used. His plugin provided for the first time a way to avoid all the hassle of writing the same code time and again just to upload files, however while the initial installation was painfree, the more I tried to push the limits of file_column the more I felt its inadecquacies. I rebuilt basically the same functionality only I made it more flexible, less cluttered and above all, more consistent. Enter UploadColumn.

How can I help?

By reporting bugs (or better yet, by patching them!), by writing documentation or your favourite hacks, or simply by spreading the word. The usual. Please report all bugs and/or patches to the official mailing list.

How do I run the unit tests?

In order to run in the unit tests you must have sqlite3 databases working under ActiveRecord (this usually means installing sqlite3 and the sqlite3_ruby gem). You'll also need ImageScience and RMagick installed in order to run the entire test suite.

Can I run UploadColumn without rmagick?

Yes, 0.3 and later no longer require RMagick (or ImageScience) to run. UploadColumn works great for uploading images, but it should work perfectly fine with any type of file.