Really flexible storage paths

UploadColumn gives you full control over where your files are stored. Want to store them by the record's name? No problem! Want to store them by an associated record's name? Easy as pie! Want to store them in one giant directory bursting at the seams? Absolutely no problem!

Works across form redisplays

Can't get uploads and validations to play nice? No problem, because UploadColumn keeps your uploaded files even if you need to redisplay a form multiple times!

Easily create multiple versions of the same file

Whatever you want to do with your file, maybe it's an XML document you want to transform with XSLT (but keep the original), or maybe you just want a thumbnail for your image, often you need different versions of the same file. UploadColumn makes creating and using those versions easy. With the new manipulator framework, it's very easy to create a reusable manipulator to do the same kind of manipulations across your application.

Awesome RMagick and ImageScience integration

UploadColumn makes it extremely easy to create thumbnails (or other sizes) of your images, even to crop them to an exact size, so they always look their best. Now you can choose to use the fast and light ImageScience library. If you choose to use RMagick, you'll not only get thumbnails, but access to the entire library and apply any effect to images automatically after they're uploaded!

Well tested and stable

UploadColumn is extensively tested with the RSpec testing framework. We currently have 100% C0 coverage, all passing specs, and heckling passes without complaints.


UploadColumn is released under the very liberal MIT License, the same as Rails.